Cake Club: A Slice Of Summer & More!

Cake Club: A Slice Of Summer & More!

The summer sun has arrived and before the Cake Club took it’s annual summer break, we indulged in an afternoon of cakes (yay!)

Cake Club - Tracy Spread

Following my latest cake decorating class, I wanted to practice my new icing skills and practice it certainly was! I also wanted to bake a new and different flavour cake and after some summery thoughts, I decided I wanted to incorporate strawberries. This lead me to think about what went well with strawberries…and basil sprung to mind! Strawberries and basil cake it would be (recipe to follow in a separate post I promise)!

Strawberries & Basil Cake

Everyone made a terrific effort in their cake ideas, and as well as my strawberries and basil cake there was a choice of chocolate ganache cake, coconut cake, disaronno cheesecake, cupcakes and scones (with jam and clotted cream). We all enjoyed the offerings and I think everyone likes the idea of not knowing what will be on offer at each (home) Cake Club.

Cake Club - Tracy

Once again we weren’t without topics of conversation and as the next Cake Club won’t be until the Autumn there will be a lot to discuss by October 😉

Cake Club: The Longest Yet…!

Cake Club: The Longest Yet…!

We achieved a new all-time record at this Cake Club…

Aspers Afternoon Tea

This month’s Cake Club was lovingly suggested by a fellow Cake Clubber and I was very happy for the suggestion! We went to the Aspers Casino in Westfields for afternoon tea, and we were even more delighted on arrival that it was on an introductory offer at half the price – result!

Aspers Afternoon Tea Cake Club

There was a nice-looking spread of cakes, sandwiches and scones for us to share and although it wasn’t the most appealing afternoon tea in taste – the company and atmosphere more than compensated for it! We were enjoying ourselves so much that time escaped us and we ended up staying for cocktails too!

Aspers Afternoon Tea Cocktails

And what a treat they were! By the time Cake Club called it a day, the sun had gone to sleep and nightlife was beginning to get started! 😉 We had a great time and cannot wait for the next time when we get to put the world to rights again.


Cake Club: Cheesecake Battles!

Cake Club: Cheesecake Battles!

Okay so I’m a week late, but it doesn’t change what a delightful Cake Club it was…

Cake Club - Louise (2)

Once again the spread was plentiful and appetising. Everyone made an effort to bring something different and decadent to the table. This time I decided to opt for a cheesecake! So I thought a Chocolate and Baileys cheesecake (far right) would be well received by the ladies – recipe to follow in another post! It was one of the easiest cheesecakes to make and was very tasty – a definite crowd pleaser. However I wasn’t the only person to bring a cheesecake along – novice baker Tracy (her words not mine!) also delivered an Oreo Cookie cheesecake – which got just a lot of Mmmm’s.

Cake Club - Louise

There was also Carrot Cake, Banana Cake, Cherry and Almond cake, Lemon and Strawberry cake, Pineapple Cake and Banoffee tarts – the choice was again overwhelming, even for me! However the supreme winner this time was Tracy and her Oreo Cheesecake. I also kept my promise and delivered the last winner’s (Julie) chosen Malteaser cake. This time the prize for Tracy is that we’ll be treating her to a cake at our next “Restaurant” Cake Club. Well done Tracy – can’t wait to taste your next creation! 😉

Hello Spring…Goodbye Winter’s Treasures (Cakes)!

Hello Spring…Goodbye Winter’s Treasures (Cakes)!

Despite the cold days and dark nights, winter brought many pleasures in the cake / dessert form…

Autumn Cake Collage

As I am never one to miss out on a good dessert, this has still been one of the niceties that I have enjoyed during the winter months. And as well as baking A LOT more in recent months, I have enjoyed my fair share of sweet cuisine made by others. Here’s a few of the favourites which have included cupcakes from Buttercup Cake Shop, cookie dough cake from Bella Italia Restaurant, Levi Roots’ ginger and pecan brownies, salted caramel and chocolate torte and chilli chocolate brownies from The Manor House.

You can probably see there’s a theme of chocolate in a lot of the tasty treats that I’ve had, and I would say that chocolate is definitely an attraction for me, but then I expect a lot from that dessert because of it! Now that we’re having warmer days and nights, my sweet palate will only get intensify – it will now be that time of year when cheesecakes and eton messes will make a grand appearance – hooray!! 🙂   

Cake News: Tenants Contracts Landlord To Give Them Birthday Cakes

Cake News: Tenants Contracts Landlord To Give Them Birthday Cakes

This is a very amusing news story  and it relates to cake…

Birthday Cake Image

The Mail Online reported this week that some imaginative tenants were sent a rental agreement contract to sign by their landlord – but instead of a locked PDF, the property-owner sent an editable Word document. In turn the opportunistic pair added an extra clause to the contract – the provision of birthday cakes on both of their respective birthdays – which the landlord then unwittingly signed.

The tenants even stipulated that the birthday cakes must not be vanilla flavour – haha!

See a copy of the contract here that has spread like wild-fire online.

It’s a reminder to us all that we should read anything before we sign it. Let’s hope that the landlord knows a good baker!

Mother’s Day Special: Milk Tray Cake

Mother’s Day Special: Milk Tray Cake

Who doesn’t love the idea curling up with some yummy chocolates…

Milk Tray Cake

As Mother’s Day was approaching I wanted to create a “wow” cake for my lovely Mum. My first thoughts were chocolates and but I didn’t want it to be just any ordinary chocolate cake. After some thought and research I decided that this indulgent cake should have as many chocolates as I could possibly fit on it!

Milk Tray Cake Boxed

I opted for a nutella sponge which gave the cake a slight hazelnut flavour and the chocolate buttons supported my mission of “chocolate overload”.  

She was surprised and delighted by the Milk Tray chocolate cake!

Cake Club:The Christmas Festivities Begin…

Cake Club:The Christmas Festivities Begin…

The year is nearly at a climax, but the cake indulgence has just began for the season…

Christmas Cake Club - Cakes

This was the last cake cub of the year, and it wasn’t too difficult finding the right venue. Leytonstone’s Horizon Patisserie catered for our every need and the staff were friendly and accommodating. We were spoilt for choice on the dessert and food offerings, and I had no choice but to take a “doggy-bag” with me!

Group Cake Club

Once again this was a place that many of the cake clubbers have pass before, but never realised what was inside…Everyone enjoyed their sweet treats – including my toddler! It was a nice venue to start the Christmas celebrations in and somewhere I would definitely visit again. Merry Yum!! 🙂 

Strawberry Tart