Hello Spring…Goodbye Winter’s Treasures (Cakes)!

Hello Spring…Goodbye Winter’s Treasures (Cakes)!

Despite the cold days and dark nights, winter brought many pleasures in the cake / dessert form…

Autumn Cake Collage

As I am never one to miss out on a good dessert, this has still been one of the niceties that I have enjoyed during the winter months. And as well as baking A LOT more in recent months, I have enjoyed my fair share of sweet cuisine made by others. Here’s a few of the favourites which have included cupcakes from Buttercup Cake Shop, cookie dough cake from Bella Italia Restaurant, Levi Roots’ ginger and pecan brownies, salted caramel and chocolate torte and chilli chocolate brownies from The Manor House.

You can probably see there’s a theme of chocolate in a lot of the tasty treats that I’ve had, and I would say that chocolate is definitely an attraction for me, but then I expect a lot from that dessert because of it! Now that we’re having warmer days and nights, my sweet palate will only get intensify – it will now be that time of year when cheesecakes and eton messes will make a grand appearance – hooray!! 🙂   


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