A Choccywoccydoodah Birthday!!

A Choccywoccydoodah Birthday!!

So this weekend was my birthday -woohoo! And I wanted to do something different (from any other birthday)…


Initially I was going to go on a “Cake Crawl”, but after a visit to the world famous Choccywoccydoodah where the very friendly and charming staff gave me a tour of their “Secret Garden Room”, I couldn’t resist having my birthday there! So off to Choccywoccydoodah we went…


And they did not disappoint, from the moment that my guests and myself arrived, we were treated to the most amazing chocolate and cake bonanza you could ever imagine! The dedicated room was decorated channeling the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” vision including toy rabbits and sheep and had masses of artificial flowers and greenery – so you felt like you were in a magical outdoors.ย Even more enticing was the long tables laden down in all of the chocolate and sweet treats – honeycomb, chocolate brownies, blondies, chocolate plumpies, jelly beans, nougat, tiffin, biscuits, chocolate buttons, marshmallows plus endless flavours of chocolate cakes!


I don’t think any of my guests were prepared for the magnitude of chocotastic offerings that were on offer and there were points during the party that they couldn’t believe that there was even more to come including my very own (and very big) ice cream cake! Everyone was also treated toย strawberry champagne ice cream shakes, tea, coffee and other soft drinks – we wanted for nothing! Our host – Annette was very nice and accommodating and my guests spoke highly of her too.

I loved the idea of this place and seeing it in reality was truly awesome -thank you for a great time Choccywoccydoodah! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Site Meets New Club!!!

New Site Meets New Club!!!

Cake Club Group

Now that we are fully into the swing of 2015 – it was a good time to move the cake blog to it’s new home! You can now follow it and comment even if you’re not a gmail buddy…and we officially began “The Cake Club” – Horray!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

“The Cake Club” will follow in the steps of a traditional book club – in that we will meet to eat cake, talk cake and celebrate cake. My Sister-Friend and myself also decided that “The Cake Club” will also aim to meet at a different venue each time, so we can try an array of cakes this year – a dream come true! Another reason why I was so keen to start the “The Cake Club” was to encourage others to treat themselves, because that’s okay! Yes we should all eat a nutritious and varied diet, that should include cakes!

The first gathering at the Haagen Dazs Restaurant, London was a treat in full measure! The choice of desserts and ice cream was more than you could comprehend for a lunchtime, but we persevered and stuffed ourselves with the delights of brownies, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes and ice cream. Roll on the next one!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cake Club Cake