Cake Club: 1 Year On…

Cake Club: 1 Year On…

It was the first Cake Club of the year and the 1st Anniversary of Cake Club’s existence…

Cake Club - Mums

In celebration mode we changed the Cake Club concept slightly for the occassion and met at home with each person baking up a delight. Each Cake Clubber were tasked with bringing a homemade offering or buying a very nice cake! 😉 As you can see we were overrun with cake offerings. I decided to try out a pina colada cake (which was very well received!) There was also rum cake, blackforest cupcakes, victoria sandwich, banoffee cake, coffee and walnut cake and much more…

I had also promised that someone would be named baker of the day and it proved a very hard decision, despite us all voting!

Julie - Cake Club Winner

My Sister In-Law was crowned the winner, and so she gets the lucky prize of having me bake her a cake! It was her chocolate marble cake that had everyone talking…

Plate of Cake

Our plates were over-brimming from all of the choice, and we had so much leftovers a doggy bag was guaranteed for all. We had such a nice afternoon that it the group agreed, we will do more Cake Clubs at home this year, and we might throw in a sneaky book to read!


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