Never Underestimate The Humble Doughnut…

Never Underestimate The Humble Doughnut…

This week I wandered into a new bakery in town…

Doughnut Pic - 2.jpg

Bread Ahead Bakery are new to the area, and as a keen baker I always like to try out other bakers offerings! On entering I was hit with an impressive display of breads, cakes and doughnuts…

Doughnut Woman Pic

Narrowing down my choices was a mini task, as the doughnuts alone came in Salted Caramel & Honeycomb, Blackberry and Vanilla Custard. So after a lot of Mmming and Umming I opted for the Blackberry and my friend chose the Salted Caramel. I also got a cheeky bite-size nut brownie!

The brownie hit the stop and there was a slight disappointment when I had finished it that it wasn’t bigger, and I love nothing more than a jam doughnut that oozes at the slightest touch, however this doughnut had a jam overload (literally!) Which along with a slightly soapy taste didn’t make it the best doughnut I have ever had.

Doughnut Pic

It then lead to me thinking…as a person that has worked in a bakery and a big fan of the treasured doughnut – what makes a good doughnut?! With so many options on the market, what you choose and how it tastes does leave a very lasting impression. With the likes of Krispy Kremes, Greggs and supermarkets daily expanding their range, I think it can be difficult for others to really get it right!


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