Cake Club: Summer Fun At Sawmill Cafe

Cake Club: Summer Fun At Sawmill Cafe

The sunshine was blazing and the sunglasses were officially out, it was the perfect weather for a treat…

Spread - Sawmill Cafe

As summer holidays were creeping up on everyone, we decided to make this the last “Cake Club” before the summer break. So I got my cupcake t-shirt out for the special occasion..! 😉

Me-Sawmill Cafe

The chosen destination was Sawmill Cafe in Stratford, and despite being born and bred in East London I had never even heard of this coffee house, before a fellow cake clubber flagged it up. So this was a mystery treat to me too! On arrival I was very impressed with the window display spread and really looking forward to the choices. The menu was a mixture of pastries, cakes and savoury dishes. Opting for a wrap and slice of cake, I was pleased with my selection – although my friend’s vegetarian wrap was mixed up with my chicken one. However we quickly worked out the staff’s error!

Group - Sawmill Cafe

We enjoyed the cafe’s offerings and thought they were of an adequate quality. We were however disappointed with the cafe furniture layout, which included small tables and benches, so we had to sit in pairs. Although it was not the best of the cake club venues, it would probably be the perfect venue for a strolling summer pair! 



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