The Highs & Lows Of Dessert Life!

The Highs & Lows Of Dessert Life!

I always enjoy the point in a meal out where your dessert arrives…

Banaoffee Tart

Recently this has led to two different reactions from me…one of pure delight and glee (see above), and one of utter disappointed (see below). After a ‘cheeky lunch’ at the local Bill’s, this dessert took me and my friend to banana paradise  – a banoffee tart, with dulce de leche, caramelised bananas, chocolate sauce, malted banana ice cream and salted caramel pistachios. My mouth is watering as I reminise on the taste of this brilliance…my dining partner and myself were left with few words after eating this beauty on a plate!

Breakfast Club - Banaoffee

However the experience wasn’t quite the same when I opted for the banoffee pie at the Breakfast Club…as you can see despite it’s name there was a lack of bananas, and it more resembled a banana flavoured turkish delight on biscuit! As a keen diner for both restaurants, the taste experiences at both restaurants were at either end of the satisfaction spectrum. And although the Breakfast Club were very gracious, and didn’t charge for the ‘cheesecake looking’ pud, I left feeling slightly cheated out of dessert!

In Other News…

chocolate cakeAn article by the Daily Mail this week has revealed that you can eat cake and still LOSE weight – through mindfulness and slow eating, your treats can still be enjoyed and savoured, whilst reducing the overall amount you consume. Never one to turn down a good slice of cake, once I start to eat and enjoy it…I think I would be reluctant to do the following:

“Put a piece on your tongue, but do not bite it. What do you now notice about the flavour? Move it around your mouth. Does it taste different in various parts of your mouth? Allow it to melt on your tongue. What do you notice as it melts? Just allow yourself to be fully present. What do you notice about your saliva? About your mouth itself? Does the flavour change over time as it melts? In what way?” – Daily Mail, April 2015

Instead I like to think I am mindful of the fact that I am enjoying the cake that I am eating, and it’s one of the few pleasures that doesn’t have to come with drastic consequences. As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is a constant observation that we should watch what we (and others) eat, which is totally fine if they are of an adolescent age, but if someone is having a “varied” and healthy diet and appetite, what’s wrong with the “occasional” treat. Another reader summed up this article brilliantly: “Delightfully Bonkers” 😉


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