Eggs-tra Special Weekend!

Eggs-tra Special Weekend!

This weekend marked the end of Lent, which meant tea and sweet treats were back on the menu at our place…yay!!!

Easter Egg 2

I decided to use the long weekend to it’s full potential – so I got out my baking essentials and made some delicious cakes. As my previous blog posts have mentioned I gave up the the treasured cup of tea for Lent, and did I miss it!!! The hubby also joined in the Lent sacrifice, but took it to another level by giving up sweet treats (yes I know – I was shocked too!) And fast food…a very responsible choice. So I thought we both deserved some indulgences this weekend – we’ve earned them! Hubby requested a Rocky Road Cake, which is an easy fridge cake. I used Nigella’s recipe, and though the picture doesn’t look greatly appetizing it tasted delicious! And got the “Mmmm” verdict from our toddler…

Rocky Road cake

As we also entertained over the weekend I was able to bake something new…a Coconut and Jam Layer cake (an adaptation of the Baking Mad.Com recipe). This too went down very well, after our family and friends had feasted on the delights of Easter dinner (including a baked pumpkin pie – I was on a roll!)

Coconut cake

So as well as piling our guests with Easter chocolate and all the trimmings we had some good home-baking! 🙂  


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