New Site Meets New Club!!!

New Site Meets New Club!!!

Cake Club Group

Now that we are fully into the swing of 2015 – it was a good time to move the cake blog to it’s new home! You can now follow it and comment even if you’re not a gmail buddy…and we officially began “The Cake Club” – Horray!!! 🙂

“The Cake Club” will follow in the steps of a traditional book club – in that we will meet to eat cake, talk cake and celebrate cake. My Sister-Friend and myself also decided that “The Cake Club” will also aim to meet at a different venue each time, so we can try an array of cakes this year – a dream come true! Another reason why I was so keen to start the “The Cake Club” was to encourage others to treat themselves, because that’s okay! Yes we should all eat a nutritious and varied diet, that should include cakes!

The first gathering at the Haagen Dazs Restaurant, London was a treat in full measure! The choice of desserts and ice cream was more than you could comprehend for a lunchtime, but we persevered and stuffed ourselves with the delights of brownies, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes and ice cream. Roll on the next one!! 🙂

Cake Club Cake


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