Happy National Cupcake Week!

Happy National Cupcake Week!

I was profoundly glad to hear that this week is “National Cupcake Week”. Who wouldn’t want to pay homage to the dainty pleasure of a cupcake…! Sometimes they can make the world seem like a better place – yes I said it, I have that reassurance in the frosted delight!

On a more sensible note, cupcakes have become a huge trend and business in many countries, with everyone trying to out-do each other in flavours, colours and sizes. As my previous post demonstrated there’s not many ingredients or prices that won’t be spent when coming up with the ultimate cupcake. 

I think of the cupcake as being a staple requirement to any worthy dessert buffet, as was the case when I got married a few years ago. I even went to the lengths of having our monogram put onto cupcake toppers for the occasion (see below).
I know that there’s many people who do not care for or eat cakes or cupcakes (what is wrong with you?!) But cupcakes cannot go unnoticed when laid out…
In salutation of the humble cupcake, I will strive to consume a cupcake delight this week, because how can you not love a cupcake – see 33 reasons why you should here – haha! I will leave you with this wow of a cupcake….have a burger (cupcake) on me! 🙂

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