Ace of Cakes at Macmillian Coffee

Ace of Cakes at Macmillian Coffee

Macmillian Coffee Morning



The last week has been a haze of cakes! My Mum arranged a coffee morning for Macmillian Cancer Nurses, so I baked a range of cakes for the occassion. As the coffee morning was open to the general public, and lots of family, friends and neighbours had been invited, I thought it would be really nice to provide them with as much choice as possible. So I got my thinking cap on and thought about all the cake possibilities…
After much testing and tasting, I decided to challenge myself to make 8 different sweet treats for the event, they were:
– Brownies
– Malteaser Cake
– Bakewell Cake
– Banana Up-side Cake
– Carrot Cake 
– Blueberry Muffins
– Shortbread
– Jam Tarts

This meant my house became a constant bakery in the lead-up to the coffee morning, but it was sooo worth it as the cakes were temptingly yummy, and people donated generously for them! As a bonus I now have some new receipes to add to my collection. 🙂 Despite all the hard work and baking, the morning was only successful because everyone came along and supported us, so thanks a million!

Malteaser Cake


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